“The most important thing about jazz music is telling your own story in your own way, and Joe has a unique style of his own.”

– Todd Barkan, Record Producer/Artistic Manager, Keystone Korner Baltimore

Delaware Charitable Music is now defunct, but this shows my heart and passion for music and education

Joe Baione I’d like to add an “amen” to “Oh, Yeah!!” by Joe Baione. Not only does Joe have, clean quick technique, he composes pieces with lush, unusual horn voicings that echo his fleet melodic lines. We welcome Joe Baione to the vibes brotherhood and hope to hear more!

– Linda Yohn, WEMU Music Director and morning jazz host

Joe Baione is an excellent example of the new breed of jazz musician — well educated in the form and its tradition and equally at home on the bandstand or the classroom. Thanks to him and his young colleagues, the commonly asked question of whether there is a future for this music can be answered with a resounding Oh Yeah!!!”

– Russ Musto, All About Jazz

“Baione is a valuable, vibrant, vibraphonist and this session produced by Todd Barkan is a winner. A straight ahead outing by Joe’s sextet which includes, “Bags’ Groove”, “All Blues” and “Prelude To A Kiss” plus material by Lem Winchester and the leader.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

– Lenn Dobbin, Jazz Mirror

“Stunning cd! Great playing, great tune selection. This disc deserves as much national exposure as possible.”

– Dr. Jazz, Jazz Critic and Jazz Promotion

Voted Best Jazz Presentation: ”The Joe Baione Sextet, which was one of the early acts, was also quite dazzling, so much so that noted music connoisseur and reggae Sumfest director Johnny Gourzong was overheard remarking, ‘This is one of the best jazz presentations I have heard in many years.’”

Jamaica Gleaner, 2007 Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival (Montego Bay)

“Oh Yeah! by vibraphonist Joe Baione is a shot across the bow of the Jazz world exclaiming there’s a new voice to be reckoned with. Bringing high energy to standards as well as original compositions it’s great to have proof that the next generation is ready to carry Jazz into this new century.”

Angel Resto, Operations Manager WEMS Radio

“Joe’s sound is rejuvenating to say the least. He brings a welcomed warmth to the genre through comfortable compositions and soulful soloing”.

Pete Fallico, KCSM San Mateo

Joe Baione A bebopper at heart, the Delaware-based vibraphonist Joe Baione plays with conviction on the burning title track, then settles into some soulful grooves on the bluesy “Down Fuzz” and Milt Jackson’s signature “Bag’s Groove. He turns in a funky hip-hop flavored rendition of Miles Davis’ “All Blues”, renders Ellington’s “Prelude to a Kiss” with refined elegance and switches to marimba on the infectious calypso number “Coconut Island.” Pianist Toru Dodo and tenor saxophonist Jorge Castro shine throughout.

– Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

“In addition to being one of the hardest swinging members of his generation of vibers, Joe consistently reaches his listeners with the distinctiveness of his musical voice as both a truly creative virtuoso on his instrument and an increasingly compelling composer. In short , both his playing and his tunes speak more and more clearly and strongly to us.” “The most important thing about jazz music is telling your own story in your own way, and Joe has a unique style of his own.” “He is one of the most compelling and exciting young jazz musicians in the world.”

– Todd Barkan, Record Producer/Artistic Manager, Keystone Korner Baltimore

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